Here are some signs to look for:

AS a shingle ages, it naturally loses granules.  You will see spots that shine where the fiberglass is exposed or dark spots where granules are missing and the tar is exposed.

When shingles wear out and lose their granules, the reinforcing mat contracts, causing the shingle to curl. Curling is an indicator the roof needs to be replaced.

Shingles improperly installed, or worn shingles can blow off in storms, leaving your roof vulnerable to leaking.  Sometimes missing shingles can be replaced and loose or unsealed shingles can be glued back down.

Cracked shingles can be caused by inadequate venting, age, and/or a manufacturers defect.

A solid roof deck is a must. Standing in several spots and listening for cracking is a way to test its strength. Cracking is a sign of the attic being overheated due to improper ventilation. When this is the case sheathing several area’s or the entire deck may be needed.

Signs of water dripping through the soffit/eaves or penetrating the ceiling on the inside of the house can indicate a roof replacement is needed. Left unaddressed can cause damage to sheet rock, stucco, siding, soffits, and even structural issues.

R.B. & Sons Roofing / Construction will do a free inspection of your roof and estimate if needed.